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$2,000 Scholarship to the child of a First Responder or an employee of an AzAA-member alarm company.
March 16, 2021

Scottsdale’s New Alarm Ordinance Webpage
February 18, 2017

Public Safety Committee
February 18, 2017

The Arizona Alarm Association realizes the value in maintaining open communication between the alarm companies and the alarm coordinators for all of the jurisdictions throughout Arizona. In order to accomplish this, AzAA formed a Public Safety Committee in 1989. This …

Benefits of Belonging to AzAA
February 18, 2017

The Security Industry in Arizona is Changing Constantly! Educational Requirements for Alarm Technicians Security Companies Held Responsible for Alarm Users Not Having Permits Reciprocity Spreading Throughout Arizona! Laws for Contractors – and for Unlicensed Companies Statewide Licensing Join the Arizona …

Ordinance Article: Contributed by AzAA Coordinator
February 18, 2017

Arizona Alarm Coordinators Page The following information was contributed on 7/20/07 I found a web site that has several articles about alarm ordinances and other legislation effecting the alarm industry. For example, this site has several articles about alarm ordinance …

Add a Link to Your Website
February 18, 2017

Click Here for Instructions Choose the banner you like and add it to your website or blog. Simply copy/paste the code provided and show that you are a proud member of our Association.

Statewide Certification of Alarm Companies and Alarm Agents
February 18, 2017

As of October 1, 2013, all alarm companies and agents must be certified in Arizona. Go to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration at for more info and forms

AZAA Discounted Dental Care
February 7, 2017

Save 20% off Membership Rate Save up to 60% on dental procedures $79.95/Individual $99.95/Two members $119.95/Family Join today and start receiving high quality dental care at a discounted rate!! And NO waiting …