February 18, 2017

Benefits of Belonging to AzAA

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‍‍The Security Industry in Arizona is Changing Constantly!


• Educational Requirements for Alarm Technicians

• Security Companies Held Responsible for Alarm Users Not Having Permits

• Reciprocity Spreading Throughout Arizona!

• Laws for Contractors – and for Unlicensed Companies

• Statewide Licensing


Join the Arizona Alarm Association!


Look at some of the Benefits of Belonging


• Newsletters e-mailed directly to you (and others in your company who wish to receive it)


• Membership Meetings with speakers on topics such as false alarm management, laws regarding contractors, state legislation, and educational requirements for alarm technicians


• Representation before governmental entities. AzAA works with the local jurisdictions on alarm ordinances to ensure fair treatment for our industry.


• AzAA’s Website lists all members and offers links to their website and e-mail addresses. It also includes a “Members Only” section with links to some of the jurisdictions’ alarm codes and important information for security companies; a page for Consumers; and some past articles from InSecurity, AzAA’s newsletter. Just go to www.AZalarms.org!


• Updates on Local Alarm Ordinances are available through the newsletter and special mailings


• Public Safety Committee membership is offered all AzAA members – The Public Safety Committee consists of Alarm Coordinators and Alarm Company Representatives from around the state. Meet regularly with the alarm Coordinators and find out what is going on in each jurisdiction!


• Networking Opportunities abound at the AzAA Membership Meetings and other activities.

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