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Public Safety Committee

The Arizona Alarm Association realizes the value in maintaining open communication between the alarm companies and the alarm coordinators for all of the jurisdictions throughout Arizona. In order to accomplish this, AzAA formed a Public Safety Committee in 1989. This Committee meets quarterly in various locations throughout the state, and all alarm coordinators and AzAA members are encouraged to participate.


Accomplishments of the Public Safety Committee include:


•Communication between alarm coordinators and alarm companies on various issues including what should be included in alarm ordinances, false alarm reduction techniques, and mobile and personal alarms.


•False Alarm Schools.


•A manual of the alarm ordinances of all jurisdictions throughout the state.


•A Partnership Program, under which each jurisdiction is partnered with an alarm company so they can work together to develop ways of reducing false alarms in their specific jurisdiction.


•A reciprocal licensing ordinance, which the jurisdictions are encouraged to adopt. This allows a jurisdiction to recognize an alarm company and alarm agent license issued by another jurisdiction.


•An annual Public Safety Days two-day workshop for alarm coordinators and alarm companies which provides indepth updates on various issues of concern.


•An alarm resource directory, listing all alarm companies and their contact persons.


•An alarm installation guide.


•A brochure regarding training alarm salespeople.


In recognition of the alarm coordinators, AzAA holds an annual Public Safety Appreciation Dinner each September. This provides an excellent opportunity for alarm coordinators, their Chiefs of Police or Sheriffs, and alarm companies to discuss issues of concern.